Release notes

Java toolset for visualizing, identifying and classifying astronomical objects with a focus on low-mass stars and ultra-cool dwarfs

Release notes

AstroToolBox v3.1.0

AstroToolBox v3.0.0

AstroToolBox v2.5.1

AstroToolBox v2.5.0

AstroToolBox v2.4.1

AstroToolBox v2.4.0

AstroToolBox v2.3.7

AstroToolBox v2.3.6

AstroToolBox v2.3.5

AstroToolBox v2.3.4

AstroToolBox v2.3.3

AstroToolBox v2.3.2

AstroToolBox v2.3.1

AstroToolBox v2.3.0

AstroToolBox v2.2.2

AstroToolBox v2.2.1

AstroToolBox v2.2.0

AstroToolBox v2.1.0

AstroToolBox v2.0

AstroToolBox v2.0.1

AstroToolBox v1.3.5

AstroToolBox v1.3.4

AstroToolBox v1.3.3

AstroToolBox v1.3.2

AstroToolBox v1.3.1

AstroToolBox v1.3.0

AstroToolBox v1.2.3

AstroToolBox v1.2.2

AstroToolBox v1.2.1

AstroToolBox v1.2.0